National Automation Forum

Emerging technologies are shaping Australian society at an unprecedented scale. We believe in the power of students to tackle issues such as the future of work, automated decision-making and Industry 4.0. As such, we are excited to be collaborating with Tech for Social Good on the National Automation Forum event on Friday 1st October from

Introduction to Ethical AI

This instructor-led and guided one-day course (18 May 2021) is designed for professionals who use, or interact closely, with machine learning or statistical modelling, as well as the technical teams building them. It provides practical insights to AI uses in business in an interactive class with other students.

Course for Data Scientists

This two-day course (25-26 May 2021) develops the technical skills required to build systems that use machine learning to make automated decisions whilst also accounting for ethical objectives. It includes presentations, discussions, a group project, and hands-on interactive exercise modules.

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