Responsible Artificial Intelligence

We are an independent, nonprofit research institute that works to build ethics, accountability and transparency into AI systems: developing new algorithms, training organisations operating AI systems and providing technical guidance for AI policy development. 

Latest News

Yaya Lu joins Gradient Institute as Senior Consultant

Yaya’s background includes researcher and business analyst in the Australian Public Service, focusing on generating user-centric outputs to address Whole-of-Government and agency needs. With a degree in Software Engineering (Honours) from The Australian National University she is a passionate advocate for bridging the gap…

Policy submission on the regulation of AI and automated decision making

Gradient Institute submitted a response to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Digital Technology Taskforce Issues Paper “Positioning Australia as a Leader in Digital Economy Regulation – Automated Decision Making and AI Regulation”.In this submission, Gradient Institute provides perspectives on the regulation…


Future.NSW presented by NSW Government held their thought-leadership event on the 2nd May, 2022. The event brought together the public, the private sector, business and industry leaders and experts that help shape NSW Government. NSW Government supports the building of a smarter, customer centric…

Caution: metaverse ahead

Gradient Institute’s Chief Practitioner, Lachlan McCalman wrote this latest blog post about the metaverse on Medium. The post argues that the metaverse has the potential to have a profound impact on the world, and as a result, we would be wise to plan conservatively…

Gradient Institute’s Linkage Grant Proposal has been approved by the Australian Research Council.

Our Linkage Grant Proposal “Socially Responsible Insurance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” has been approved by the Australian Research Council.  The project will be led by Gradient Institute Fellow and ANU Professor Seth Lazar, along with Dr Jenny L. Davis and Dr Damian…

Case Studies

ACT Education Directorate

Gradient Institute is developing new techniques and tools for machine learning based causal inference and working with the ACT Education Directorate to apply them to better understand the factors behind school student outcomes.

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Gradient Institute is working with the central bank and financial regulatory body of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to develop methodology, metrics and tools that enable the country’s financial institutions to evaluate their AI and data analytics solutions to ensure they are being…

Australian Human Rights Commission

Gradient Institute worked with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), the Consumer Policy Research Centre, CHOICE and CSIRO’s Data61 to develop a report on algorithmic bias.

Sydney, Australia


This thought-leadership event will support the building of a smarter, customer centric and fully digital NSW. We will work together with NSW residents, the private sector, industry and business leaders to harness the power of technology to deliver smarter, faster and easier services. NSW…

Oxford, UK

AIES Conference

The fifth AAAI/ACM conference on Artificial intelligence, Ethics, and Society will be taking place at Oxford on the 1-3 August, 2022.

South Korea

ACM FAccT Conference 2022

The fifth annual ACM FAccT conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. ACM FAccT 2022 builds on the success of the 2021 conference, which was held online. The 2022 conference will be held both in-person and…

ACT, Australia

50 Years of Computing at ANU

A gala event to celebrate 50 Years of Computing at ANU Fifty years ago, 260 students enrolled in an introductory course called ‘Computer Science B01’. Nowadays, ANU has over 1200 full time students. In between, they grew from a sub-department of the Department of…

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