Past Events

January 29, 2019

Atlanta, USA

ACM FAT* 2019

Gradient Institute staff will be attending ACM FAT* (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency) 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Contact us if you want to meet up there.

December 7, 2018

Montréal, Canada

NeurIPS AI Ethics Workshop

Gradient Institute is co-organising the NeurIPS Workshop on Ethical Social and Governance Issues in AI, as part of NeurIPS2018 in Montréal, Canada. This workshop will address topics such as:

  • How do fairness, accountability, transparency, interpretability and causality relate to ethical decision making?
  • How are ethical considerations affecting the design of machine learning systems and pipelines now?
  • How can regulatory or legal frameworks be designed to continue to encourage innovation, so society as a whole can benefit from AI, whilst still providing protection against its harms?