Engineering ethics into AI systems

Gradient Institute works with clients to design ethically aware AI, and transfer to clients the knowledge and benefits of our ongoing research and development programs. Our fields of work have included banking, insurance, education, health, retail and social and government services, and we have worked with clients around the world.

We measure existing automated decision systems for specific ethical considerations determined by the client (such as fairness trade-offs) and advise on technical methodologies to improve systems.

We explore the feasibility of applying automated decision-making to existing problems, taking into account specific ethical considerations.

Together with the client, we design new automated decision-making systems that are ethically aware.

We build machine learning systems for the client that implement ethically aware decision- making.

We review and recommend technical approaches and strategies that enhance automated decision systems to include ethical considerations at the outset.

We perform AI system and algorithm assessment and provide recommendations for improvements to help systems operate according to ethical objectives.

To discuss your specific needs or challenges, inquire about training or other collaborations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.