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Dec 6, 2018
13 min. reading

2. Ignorance Isn't Bliss

How human intuitions about AI can lead to unfair outcomes
Note, we recommend reading the preceding post before this one. Societies are increasingly, and legitimately, concerned that automated decisions based on historical data can lead to unfair outcomes for disadvantaged groups. One of the most common pathways to unintended discrimination by AI systems is that they perpetuate historical and societal biases when trained on historical data. This is because an AI has no wider knowledge to distinguish between bias and legitimate selection. Read more ...
Dec 6, 2018
15 min. reading

1. Helping Machines to Help Us

Building ethically-aware AI
AI is deciding what happens to us Never in history has the human race been as powerful as it is today. The technology we are developing is reshaping our societies and our planet at an ever-increasing pace. In the space of decades, artificial intelligence (AI) systems have migrated from science fiction, to the lab, to the real world. To date, AI has been applied to accomplish many tasks, but perhaps the greatest significance of such systems is that they are also making consequential decisions about what happens to us. Read more ...

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