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  • Voice of Real Australia: Why marketers love NAPLAN time
    Plus, a press release from the Australian National University and Gradient Institute, announcing that kids who are happier do better in test results. And, conversely, kids who are unhappy, do worse.
  • AI changes far reaching, metaverse gaining traction
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to increasingly drive improved customer and employee experience after being “slow out the gate” in that area compared to other advantages it is delivering, Gradient Institute Director Catriona Wallace has told the Actuaries Institute summit. “We will start to see a greater emphasis on AI-driven employee, customer experience, really as a result of the pandemic and the challenge organisations and brands are having with regard to retaining customers and retaining and attracting employees,” she said. “We will see a lot greater use of AI and machine learning in our workplaces around employee wellbeing and productivity and customer wellbeing and sales and service.”
  • NAPLAN starts on May 10
    Plus, a press release from the Australian National University and Gradient Institute, announcing that kids who are happier do better in test results. And, conversely, kids who are unhappy, do worse. “This research has a far more wide-reaching effect than just NAPLAN tests, it shapes the way education professionals should approach teaching as a whole,” study author Dr Diana Cardenas said. “Our findings show that teaching for test scores isn’t enough. There is great benefit when schools care about the head and the heart of their students. Subjective well-being – how a person perceives their emotions and experiences – is an under-explored area in education.”
  • NSW gov commissions metaverse study
    Partners with the Gradient Institute. The NSW government has commissioned a study into the metaverse to understand the opportunities and regulatory risks that shared virtual worlds hold. The study will be conducted by the Gradient Institute, a Sydney-based research and advocacy institute, with support to be provide by the Department of Customer Service. The Gradient Institute has previously worked with the department’s digital arm, digital.nsw, to develop the government’s AI ethics policy.
  • Minderoo supports AI configuration tool
    AI platforms are set to become more readily customisable as a result of new, open-source software created with the support of Minderoo Foundation. That software, dubbed AI Impact Control Panel, will provide companies with a graphic interface to allow them to adjust the technical interface of an AI platform. It comes on the back of a report by developer Gradient Institute, compiled with Minderoo’s assistance, which aims to provide guidance to businesses in de-risking their reliance on computers to make key decisions.
  • Urgent warning for parents after children exposed to ‘very dark’ side of the metaverse
    Parents are being warned their children could be exposed to ‘virtual crimes’ on the metaverse which currently have little to no policing. The ‘metaverse’ is an entire virtual world, created using artificial intelligence where users create lifelike avatars to interact with and live inside the alternate universe.
  • Study finds happier kids get better test results at school
    A new study has confirmed what many parents would already have thought – happier kids get better test results at school. Researchers from Australian National University (ANU) studied more than 3,000 students and found that self-reported levels of depression had a negative effect on NAPLAN results. ANU and Gradient Institute performed the work together with Gradient Institute applying its machine learning based causal inference techniques and software tools.
  • Bradfield Oration 2021:Interconnected cities vision expands to Newcastle and Wollongong
    The Daily Telegraph’s Anna Caldwell chats with Amy Brown, Ann Sherry, Catriona Wallace (Gradient Institute) and Tony Shepherd”.
  • The hidden risks of government by artificial intelligence
    Ever since the computer Hal went rogue in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, people have worried that one day computers would become so smart they would take over the world. That is yet to happen but the rapid development of artificial intelligence is starting to raise important issues. The NSW Ombudsman has just issued a report titled The new machinery of government which acknowledges the technology has uses and benefits but warns governments should be more careful in how they apply it. Gradient Institute contributed to the technical aspects of the report.
  • The West’s strength might be its weakness in our AI-driven world
    Ethics is at the heart of the technological arms race the world is officially not participating in. When the values of the West are leveraged against us by autocrats, they become our weakness as well as our strength. This week the Prime Minister gave a speech as part of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s new Sydney Dialogues series that, while accompanied by less fanfare, was more consequential than the AUKUS submarine deal.
  • UnionBank releases report with recommendations on responsible AI implementation
    Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become increasingly widespread and organizations are ever becoming more reliant on AI systems for critical decision-making. With this, there is a need for a framework that will guide them in ensuring that they are able to implement their AI initiatives responsibly. Recognizing this need, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) released a report that will act as a guide on how responsible AI can be enforced on the greater industrial level. The contents of the report were based on a collaborative initiative with the Gradient Institute called Project AI Trust, which has enabled the Bank to consider and implement responsible AI practices for its automated systems.
  • IAG-backed research reveals need for investment in Responsible AI
    Ethical AI Advisory and Gradient Institute have launched the inaugural Australian Responsible AI Index, sponsored by IAG and Telstra. The index findings, which reveal that less than one in 10 Australia-based organisations have a mature approach to deploying responsible and ethical artificial intelligence (AI), signal the urgent need for Australian organisations to increase investment in responsible AI strategies.
  • Australian organisations lack maturity in responsible AI
    Less than one in 10 organisations in Australia have a mature approach to deploying responsible artificial intelligence (AI), underscoring a need for greater focus on the ethical considerations related to growing use of the technology.
  • NSW Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee inaugural members named
    The New South Wales government has named the 11 individuals who will form the NSW Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee and play a role in how AI is used in the state, including Gradient CEO Bill Simpson-Young.
  • Can artificial intelligence now influence human decision-making?
    A new study by researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61, along with the Australian National University and researchers from Germany, has determined that AI can influence human decision-making.
  • Can You Trust a Computer Algorithm?
    Artificial intelligence can mimic human decisions — but also drastically amplify hidden biases.
  • Algorithmic bias needs ‘urgent’ attention: AHRC
    Businesses and governments need to urgently address bias in their artificial intelligence systems and put in place mitigation strategies or stop using the technology entirely, according to Australian Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow.
  • Ethical AI Advisory And Gradient Institute Partner For Australian AI Ethics
    Non-profit Gradient Institute and consultancy Ethical AI Advisory have signed an alliance to tackle the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is both ethical and trustworthy.
  • Gradient and Ethical AI to take on biased AI algorithms
    The non-profit Gradient Institute and consultancy Ethical AI Advisory have signed an alliance to collaborate on the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is both ethical and trustworthy.
  • Singapore to establish AI framework for ‘fairness’ credit scoring metrics
    Monetary Authority of Singapore tasks two teams, comprising banks and artificial intelligence industry players, to develop metrics that ensure the “responsible use of AI” for credit risk scoring and customer marketing.
  • MAS to create ‘fairness metrics’ for AI, analytics adoption in financial services
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will be developing “fairness metrics” in credit risk scoring and customer marketing as part of the first phase of its Veritas initiative.
  • MAS, banks creating framework for AI use in assessing credit risk
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is working with banks and technology firms to develop measures to judge customers fairly when artificial intelligence (AI) is used to assess their credit risk.
  • Autonomous cars ‘won’t kill insurance’
    The chief customer officer of Insurance Australia Group says driverless cars will not kill the insurance sector, but they will substantially change how the industry operates.
  • Battleground over accountability for AI
    AI deployments are saturating businesses but few are thinking about the ethics of how algorithms work and the impact it has on people.
  • Federal govt to create AI ethics guidelines
    The Coalition government has revealed plans to create guidelines to ensure artificial intelligence is responsibly developed and applied in Australia.
  • NSW govt looks to develop AI ethics policy
    The NSW government has begun considering what an ethics policy framework might look like for artificial intelligence in a bid to drive agencies to adopt the technology.
  • The technology to watch in 2019
    The Australian’s Technology editor Supratim Adhikari and technology reporter David Swan look at the innovations that will change our lives in 2019.
  • New institute wants ‘world where systems behave ethically’
    Not-for-profit Gradient Institute will release open source tools and provide training in bid to make machine learning fairer.
  • New Australian institute formed to study ethics of artificial intelligence
    Three eminent Australian organisations announced on Thursday they will collaborate to create the Gradient Institute, an independent non-profit body, to research and implement the ethical behaviour of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • IAG teams up with Data61, USyd over AI ethics institute
    Insurance Australia Group (IAG) has today unveiled a new partnership with the CSIRO’s Data61 and University of Sydney to launch a research and advocacy institute concerned with the ethical use of artificial intelligence.
  • Data61 leads new ‘ethical’ artificial intelligence institute
    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61, alongside IAG and the University of Sydney, has created a new artificial intelligence (AI)-focused institute, aimed at exploring the ethics of the emerging technology.