Work With Us

Research to advance a science of ethics

We undertake scientific research in collaboration with universities and other research institutions to advance a science of ethics for AI, and share the findings across the academic community through publications and presentations.

Putting our research into practice

We work with businesses and government agencies to design ethically-aware AI systems to achieve our vision. Our initial fields of work include banking, insurance, education, health, retail and social services.

The Institute engages with organisations to perform services such as:

  • Measuring existing automated decision systems for specific ethical considerations determined by the organisation (such as fairness trade-offs) and advise on technical methodologies to improve the systems.
  • Exploring the feasibility of applying automated decision-making to particular existing problems of organisations taking into account specific ethical considerations.
  • Designing, together with the organisation, new automated decision-making systems that are ethically-aware.
  • Building machine learning systems for organisations that implement ethically-aware decision-making.
  • Training data scientists, practitioners and organisational leaders in ethically-aware machine learning system design and construction.

Gradient Institute aims to transfer the results of its ongoing research and development into all of the above types of engagement.

Developing people's skills in ethical AI

We provide training and education to people responsible for the technical, managerial, as well as policy and decision-making aspects of AI-based decision systems.

Talk to us

If you’d like to discuss Gradient Institute further including research collaborations, sponsorship, philanthropy, engagement, training and collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.