We are a technical research institute advancing the theory, design, development and adoption of ethical AI systems. We work with organisations to design and evaluate AI systems, perform technical research into the science of ethics and techniques for enabling AI systems to operate ethically and train organisations on the development, procurement and operation of ethical AI systems. More details about each is below.


AI System Consulting

We evaluate, design, implement and measure AI systems to check them against ethical goals. We also design, implement and disseminate open source AI-based decision-making tools based on our research into the new science of ethical AI. We then work together with people responsible for decision-making systems to configure them to achieve ethical goals. Learn more...


We undertake scientific research in collaboration with universities and other research institutions to advance a science of ethics for AI, and share the findings across the academic community through publications and presentations. Learn more...


We provide training and education to people responsible for the technical, managerial, as well as policy and decision-making aspects of AI-based decision systems. Learn more...

Talk to Us

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