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Policy submission on the regulation of AI and automated decision making

Gradient Institute submitted a response to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Digital Technology Taskforce Issues Paper “Positioning Australia as a Leader in Digital Economy Regulation – Automated Decision Making and AI Regulation”.In this submission, Gradient Institute provides perspectives on the regulation of the digital economy in Australia, focusing on AI and Automated

De-risking automated decisions

Today, in collaboration with Minderoo Foundation, we are releasing a report on de-risking automated decisions, which includes practical guidance for AI governance and AI risk management. Many organisations are using AI to make consequential decisions, such as deciding who gets insurance, a loan, or a job. When humans delegate decisions to AI, problems can happen

Machine learning as a tool for evidence-based policy

In this article, Gradient's Dan Steinberg and Finn Lattimore show how machine learning can be used for evidence-based policy. They show how it can capture complex relationships in data, helping mitigate bias from model mis-specification and how regularisation can lead to better causal estimates.

New tools for fairer AI

A new technical paper for the Australian Human Rights Commission produced by Gradient Institiute with the Consumer Policy Research Centre, CHOICE and CSIRO's Data61 shows how businesses can identify algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence systems, and proposes steps they can take to address the problem.

Submission to Australian Human Rights Commission

Gradient Institute Fellow Kimberlee Weatherall and Chief Scientist Tiberio Caetano have written a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission on their "Human Rights and Technology" discussion paper.

Our response to “Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework”

Gradient Institute made a submission to the Australian Department of Industry, SCience, Energy and Resources for the public consultation on the discussion paper “Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework (A Discussion Paper)” released by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science on 5 April 2019.