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Whose ethics?

We at the Gradient Institute are often asked who decides the particular ethical stance encoded into an ethical AI system. In particular, because we work on building such systems, the question also takes the form of “whose ethics” we will encode into them. Our Chief Practitioner, Lachlan McCalman, has written a blog post to address such questions.

Ignorance isn’t bliss

Societies are increasingly, and legitimately, concerned that automated decisions based on historical data can lead to unfair outcomes for disadvantaged groups. One of the most common pathways to unintended discrimination by AI systems is that they perpetuate historical and societal biases when trained on historical data. Two of our Principal Researchers, Simon O'Callaghan and Alistair Reid, discuss whether we can improve the fairness of a machine learning model by removing sensitive attribute fields from the data.

Helping machines to help us

Our Chief Scientist, Tiberio Caetano, has written a blog post outlining Gradient Institute's approach to building ethical AI.