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UnionBank releases report with recommendations on responsible AI implementation

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become increasingly widespread and organizations are ever becoming more reliant on AI systems for critical decision-making. With this, there is a need for a framework that will guide them in ensuring that they are able to implement their AI initiatives responsibly. Recognizing this need, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) released a report that will act as a guide on how responsible AI can be enforced on the greater industrial level. The contents of the report were based on a collaborative initiative with the Gradient Institute called Project AI Trust, which has enabled the Bank to consider and implement responsible AI practices for its automated systems.

IAG-backed research reveals need for investment in Responsible AI

Ethical AI Advisory and Gradient Institute have launched the inaugural Australian Responsible AI Index, sponsored by IAG and Telstra. The index findings, which reveal that less than one in 10 Australia-based organisations have a mature approach to deploying responsible and ethical artificial intelligence (AI), signal the urgent need for Australian organisations to increase investment in responsible AI strategies.

Australian organisations lack maturity in responsible AI

Less than one in 10 organisations in Australia have a mature approach to deploying responsible artificial intelligence (AI), underscoring a need for greater focus on the ethical considerations related to growing use of the technology.

Can artificial intelligence now influence human decision-making?

A new study by researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61, along with the Australian National University and researchers from Germany, has determined that AI can influence human decision-making.

Algorithmic bias needs ‘urgent’ attention: AHRC

Businesses and governments need to urgently address bias in their artificial intelligence systems and put in place mitigation strategies or stop using the technology entirely, according to Australian Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow.

Gradient and Ethical AI to take on biased AI algorithms

The non-profit Gradient Institute and consultancy Ethical AI Advisory have signed an alliance to collaborate on the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is both ethical and trustworthy.