Summer Scholar 2021-2022

Get paid to strengthen your knowledge and learn new skills! Positions are being offered in both Sydney and Canberra for this competitive scholarship program.

The scholarship will run for 10-12 weeks over the coming summer (the exact dates can conform with those of your university’s break), during which you need to be available to work 35 hours per week.

You’ll be working with our team of world-class researchers and practitioners who are actively helping people in the business and scientific communities understand what constitutes responsible machine learning and AI, and how to translate it into practice.

As a scholar at Gradient Institute, you will:

  • gain experience working on problems at the frontier of Artificial Intelligence
  • learn technical and research skills from experienced AI researchers and practitioners
  • build tools that enable the development of responsible AI systems
  • work for a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity
  • spend the summer working on a challenging and meaningful project under the supervision of an experienced team of AI researchers and practitioners.
Possible project areas
Visualising AI design trade-off

AI systems typically harm and benefit different people in different ways. Part of deploying responsible AI is ensuring that the people responsible for the system can make informed and accountable choices about how these harms and benefits are distributed. Gradient Institute is building decision-support visualisations and tools to support this process. 

Responsible AI assessments

 Understanding the ethical risks of an existing or planned AI system requires careful assessment of its design, the data it ingests, the people with which it interacts, and how it is governed. Gradient Institute is developing processes and tools to help conduct such assessments.

Secure and robust AI development tools

Building ethically aware AI systems entails working with sensitive data about people. Gradient institute is building tools to manipulate, test and process data in secure environments, with on-the-fly decryption built-in.

Causal inference for understanding impact

Deploying AI systems responsibly requires understanding the impacts they have. Gradient Institute is developing tools and techniques for using causal inference to better understand and control these impacts.

Requirements and eligibility

Application is open to students who:

  • are currently enrolled in, or have recently completed, a Bachelor’s or further degree in a quantitative subject such as engineering, computer science, maths, physics or a related subject (undergrad, masters and PhD students are all welcome to apply)
  • if enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree, have completed at least two, and preferably, three years of their degree by the end of 2021
  • are allowed to work full time in Australia, as an Australian citizen and permanent resident, NZ citizen; or, the holder of an applicable visa
  • have an excellent academic track record
  • have strong programming skills
  • have a genuine passion for problem-solving and for making the world a better place
  • enjoy working as part of a team. 

Experience with the following will be highly regarded:

  • numerical python (numpy, tensorflow etc)
  • data visualisation, preferably web-based
  • software engineering practices such as version control, unit testing and continuous integration.

At Gradient Institute, we believe that diverse people, perspectives and experiences are vital to achieving our mission. We work hard to ensure our team members have a positive and fulfilling work-life that enables them to flourish and be themselves.

How to apply

Complete our application form by Sunday 15th August 2021.

When completing the form, you will be asked to attach:

  • your CV
  • all your academic transcripts

Applicants shortlisted for an interview will be contacted by Friday 17th September 2020.

To ask any questions, send an email to

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