Alistair Reid

Principal Researcher

Alistair’s path into AI began with an undergraduate thesis on flight control using neural networks, and he went on to complete a PhD with the Australian Centre for Field Robotics using machine learning algorithms to enhance imagery from unmanned aircraft (2011). He also holds a BE/BSc from the University of Sydney (2007) with the university medal in aeronautical engineering, and majors in physics and computer science.

Alistair now has 10 years experience in developing AI systems for government and industry applications, addressing a diverse range of problems including geo-spatial mapping, demographic modelling and AI driven active sampling. As AI systems are increasingly used to make consequential decisions that affect peoples’ wellbeing, he wants to ensure that they will make reliable and fair decisions.

Alistair communicates the impact of his work to both academic and general audiences through spoken presentations, publications in top academic conferences and journals, and releasing and contributing to open-source software.